Kensington Community Food Co-op: Peter Frank

I’ve become used to the inconsistencies of supermarket produce. I’ll put tasteless tomatoes in a salad, or peal a sour orange, and hardly notice it anymore. I just accept it as good enough. Occasionally, I’ll go out of my way to a food co-op, or venture to a local farmers’ market, and remember what real food tastes like. Biting into a ripe, natural tomato from Greensgrow gives the palate a vital reawakening.


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DiPinto Guitars: Chris DiPinto

Music became electric in the 1960’s, and so did the guitar. Kids across America were trading in their acoustics for something more modern and exotic. The irony was that they were learning how to play on Japanese guitars. Brands such as the once infamous Teisco (Tokyo Electric Instrument and Sound Company) were prevalent because they were cheaply made and easily affordable. As a result they had a reputation for being inferior in quality. Today, these guitars are valued as collector’s items due to the nostalgia attached to them, and because of their distinctive look. They are ornate with excessive switches and knobs, oddly shaped, and flamboyant in appearance. The “pawn shop” look of these eccentric instruments from another time became the inspiration for guitar designer Chris DiPinto.

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Ed’s Barber Shoppe: Ed Torres

There are several reasons you go to a barbershop. Maybe you want a new look, or just the same old style you’ve had for years. Bottom line, your hair is getting shaggy and you want to look fresh and clean again. There’s also something else you get in going to a barbershop—the experience.  Continue reading

Artist, David Ohlerking

Every artist has his source of inspiration. Cezanne was drawn to the French countryside. Picasso painted the beautiful women he fell in love with. Local artist David Ohlerking’s muse is the city of Philadelphia. Continue reading

Amrita Yoga and Wellness: Heather Rice

Amrita Yoga and Wellness is located at 1204 Frankford Avenue, and is owned by lead yoga teacher and massage therapist Heather Rice. There is always something interesting going on at Amrita – workshops led by nationally known teachers, African dance sessions, Buddhist meditation classes, and of course all types of yoga. Everything the studio offers is geared toward the same goal: holistic improvement of mental and physical well-being.

The growing richness of Amrita’s services gives people in the area a unique opportunity to focus on their overall health. Yoga classes are calibrated to the students’ level of experience. All levels from beginner to advanced are made to feel comfortable. Continue reading

Soup Kitchen Cafe: Ben Bigler

The next feature of Fishtown Spotlights is Soup Kitchen Cafe, located at 2146 East Susquehanna Avenue. This restaurant has become an essential addition to the neighborhood in the last few years. People appreciate the consistently high quality food, friendly staff, and comfortable interior. Continue reading

Greensgrow Farms: Nathan Hasler-Brooks

The first feature of Fishtown Spotlights will be Greensgrow Farms, located at 2501 East Cumberland Street. Greensgrow sells locally grown food and has a wealth of resources for gardening. It’s also known for engaging the community through various programs.

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