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When someone works on our house, whether it’s electrical work or some type of installation, we want the experience to be simple and pleasant. Our home is precious to us, and we only want soDan Vincenti, Philadelphia Electricianmeone we trust to work on it. We don’t want any confusion over the cost, a lack of punctuality or difficult personalities. You will never run into any of these factors with Daniel M. Vincenti.

Dan is one of the most reliable and personable electricians you will encounter. His customers know him as a friend, and return to him because he’s efficient and courteous in his work. If you ever have confusion about why he’s setting something up in your house in a certain way, Dan is more than happy to answer every question. He loves explaining his process to people, and making sure they fully understand his approach.

What led you to become an electrician?

Right out of high school, it kind of clicked with me. The first electrician I started working with taught me nothing. He was a grump, and was hard to impress. He just wanted me to hand him the right items at the right time, and not much more. I ended up having to make sense of everything myself, and when I did, I think it kind of shocked him. I see him at supply houses today. We’re cordial, but when he sees me, there’s this recognition that I made it on my own. IMG_1444

How did you discover you had a facility for electrics? 

For some reason, electrics always came easy to me. I like to use my hands, whether it’s electrical work, playing a guitar or fixing a car. Anything that involves using my hands I’ve been able to get a grasp on. Also, both my grandfathers were electricians. My grandfather on my mother’s side was a linemen for the Philadelphia Electric Company. My grandfather on my father’s side was an electrician on submarines, and went on to teach that as a subject. A couple years ago, my maternal grandfather gave me an old multimeter, sort of as a relic, like he was passing it down. I guess it runs in the family!

Do you remember the first moment you realized you liked working with your hands?

My father never believed in taking your car to a mechanic. Or if you did, the mechanic would have to be a buddy you help work on the car with. I grew up wrenching cars with my Dad, but it was like pulling teeth sometimes getting the tools out of his hands. So I think it all may have started with that eagerness to work with my hands. I remember there was one weekend when my parents were leaving town, and they gave me a bunch of responsibilities. I had just started driving, and needed to fix my car before they left. I was actually able to use all the tools my Dad used. I wanted to fix the whole thing, from start to finish, and I did. I did all my brakes, the front disc, the rear drum, everything.

IMG_1396How do you approach running your own business and your relationships with customers?

If people are paying me, they should be happy. Sometimes I’ll take more time with customers to make sure I communicate everything to them. In the past, I’ve worked with a lot of guys who were headstrong and had an attitude that they were the professionals so everyone should listen to them. Even though I was just the lackey looking on, I could see it all over the customer’s face. They’d get mad or upset. As much as you know about a certain trade, you can’t be arrogant about it. Everybody’s got a different perspective on how they want things to be done in their house. Being a good listener is key. You have to listen to the person that’s paying you if you want them as a return customer.


What passions do you have outside of your work?

My number one passion is my family. I do everything for them. My wife and kids are the reason I get up. Secondary to that is music. I’ve been in bands since I was 14. I listen to a lot of bluegrass, blues and straight country. Music can get you through situations, anytime you have a problem. Sitting down and writing a song pacifies you, especially if you need to meditate on something. Playing a song is one of the best remedies for that, at least for me.

What satisfies you most about your work?

Electrical is fun to me because there’re a lot of different bits and pieces you have to work with, and a hundred and one scenarios for each issue. It’s like a puzzle. I’m always trying different approaches and improving my process. Outside of being an electrician, I’m a musician and a songwriter at heart. Every time I pick up a guitar, I like writing something different. I try to transfer that over into my work, which makes me love it. Doing things a little differently each time requires you to use your problem solving skills, and that’s what inspires me.


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